The TULANE UNIVERSITY COLOR GUARD serves to enhance the musical ideas of the band's musicians through visual performance.  The guard combines dance and equipment work to present a visual representation of the show's themes.

Equipment here refers to flags, colorful and evocotive of either the show's theme or Tulane University's school colors, and the use of replicas of traditional rifles and sabres.  The Color Guard derives its name from the traditional military unit which represents the national colors in battle or in ceremonial settings.

Often Color Guard members spin their flags, rifles and sabres combining these elements with a mix of ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary modern dance, in what has become a highly skilled and highly entertaining art form.  

In the fall we perform with the TUMB (Tulane University Marching Band) and attend all football games in the Superdome and one or two road trips as well.  We perform before the game in a more traditional Pre-Game performance which serves to hype up the crowd and honor Tulane's long standing traditions and school songs.  At halftime the real fun begins, sometimes we switch costumes and flags, and perform a show to varying musical selections.  

During the spring semester, or Mardi Gras season, we train to perform in several of the city's largest Mardi Gras Parades.  As the only Collegiate Band in the City of New Orleans, we are prominetly featured and welcomed by thousands of fans and parade-goers.  We also perform a stage production, similar to a winter guard show, at the band's spring concert.  This piece allows us to truly showcase the beauty of our visual artistry and provide a connection to winter guard performance qualities.

Members of the TUCG (Tulane University Color Guard) have varying backgrounds and experience, from years of dance training prior to auditioning, to absolutely zero dance experience.  We welcome any prospective/current University student who is interested in dance, performance, and being a part of a great team and family to give us a try!

If you have any questions please contact Barry Spanier

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