The Modern TUMB

Although originally planned for the fall of 2005, it was Mardi Gras 2006 that served as the stage for the modern TUMB to make its inaugural public performance.  It was an emotional time, as the city of New Orleans was still reeling from the devastation of the storm, and the citizenry was desperate for a sense of normalcy and hope for the future.  The TUMB served a vital role in the parade season, as many of the local high school and regional bands were not able to re-organize in time for this first post-Katrina carnival.  With only two weeks to prepare and no prior performance experience as an ensemble, the TUMB pulled together music repertoire, uniform fittings and bus schedules, fueled by enthusiasm and a sense of mission.  Along the parade routes people were emotional and grateful that parades were rolling.  Frequently heard comments such as “I didn’t know that Tulane had a band!” and heartfelt “Thank you for marching today!” came from the crowds.


Since that first year, the TUMB has more than tripled in membership and expanded its operations to include the Green Wave Brass Band, the advisement of the Soundwave pep band and Shockwave dance team, the restoration of the Rho chapter of KKPsi, and the addition of a feature baton twirler to the ranks.  The TUMB provides a service learning component every spring semester, connecting our Tulane students with young school-aged musicians in New Orleans for music and academic tutoring.  The contemporary TUMB has been featured on television, performed for the New Orleans Saints and numerous corporate functions, and provides Green Wave spirit at many university events. The TUMB has established itself as a model for excellence and as a catalyst for campus pride.  And with the return of an on-campus football stadium, the TUMB will be at the forefront of game-day celebrations for the entire community.


The story of the modern TUMB is filled with passion and vision, overcoming obstacles and rising to the occasion. Our student members are at the forefront, continuing to provide inspiration and excellence toward ever higher expectations.   

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