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 TUMB Percussion Auditions

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The TUMB fields a modern corps-style percussion section. The marching battery section includes Snare Drum, Tenors (sextets), Tonal Bass Drums, and Marching Cymbals. The front ensemble includes Marimba, Vibraphone, and percussion auxiliary/electronics. We strive for corps-style execution with the added entertainment value of Division I collegiate marching band.

Our members have a wide range of experience from beginning players to experienced performers. The TUMB plays custom arranged music that is catered to the skill set of each player so they can be challenged and also be successful and have a lot of fun! We do NOT turn anyone away from the TUMB. Everyone is welcome to join and perform and learn.

To accommodate our members from all around the world and to ensure the section hits the ground running at band camp, all auditions are video submissions.

2019 Video Auditions
due June 30 by 11:59pm CDT


-Play on a real instrument if possible, if one is not available, use a practice pad, the floor, or clapping for cymbals

-Ideally, have your entire body in the video. At the very least make sure your playing surface, hands, arms, and upper body are clearly visible

-Play with a metronome, and have the metronome audible in the recording if possible. There are many free metronome apps available online, or just Google “Metronome.”

-Mark time when possible

-The video does not have to be perfect! Just showcase your fundamental skills as best as possible

-You may submit multiple videos, but only submit one if possible!

-Any video file type will be accepted


all materials are linked below

Snare and Tenor Drums

TUMBamentals (in Battery Technique and Information Packet)

  1. Tap-Accent q=120

  2. Triplet Rolls q=132

Funky Monkey

  1. Letter C to the End

TUMB PreGame (Snare Drum Part)

  1. “Roll on Tulane” Letter A to Letter C (measure 41 to the downbeat of measure 57)

Bass Drum

TUMBamentals (in Battery Technique and Information Packet)

  1. Tap-Accent q=120

  2. Double Beat q=112

TUMB Technique Handbook

  1. Partials q=120

    1. Duple and Triple


  1. Partials q=120 (in Battery Technique and Information Packet)

    1. Duple and Triple q=120

    2. Play as HH (Hinge Choke) or claps if cymbals are unavailable

If Cymbals are Available demonstrate the following:

  1. Vertical Crash

  2. Vertical Crash Choke

  3. Hinge Choke (Hi-Hat)

  4. Slide Choke

Front Ensemble

All front ensemble audition materials are in the Front Ensemble Technique and Exercise Packet

Timing 101

  1. First 12 measures only

    1. On a drum pad or with mallets on the floor, play the rhythms only q=100

    2. (optional) if a mallet instrument is available, play in C Major q=85

Green Scales (if you have access to a mallet instrument)

  1. In C, F, and Bb Major Keys q=85