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AuditionING for the TUMB

The TUMB accepts members from all ranges of experience - no one is turned away from being a TUMB member because of their skill level. Auditions are a way for us to determine where a member best fits in the TUMB ensemble and can also serve as a means of determining initial "Shadow Spots" for our pregame performance.

how to submit an Instrument audition

In Person: Contact Mendel Lee if you are a wind/brass player or Andrew Szypula if you are a percussionist to schedule an audition on Tulane's campus.

Online video: If you have an account with YouTube, Vimeo, or other video streaming service, you can upload your audition to your account and then contact Mendel Lee or Andrew Szypula with the audition link.

If you want to submit your audition video directly, you can upload it here:

instrument audition requirements

Winds and Brass

          - Two scales in two octaves of your choosing

- Two excerpts of your choosing, one that highlights your technical skill and one that highlights your musicality.

- In-person auditions may be asked to do some sight-reading of past TUMB material.


The TUMB fields a corps-style marching battery and a front ensemble consisting of Marimba, Vibraphone, and Auxiliary Rack Percussion. The TUMB plays traditional grip for Snare Drum, "American" grip for Quads, Glassmen-style wrist-break technique for Bass Drums, and Garfield Grip for Marching Cymbals. All techniques are explained in great detail in our Technique Packet. The packet and 2017 Mardi Gras Warmup Series can be found at the links below for an example of what to expect to play. A Front Ensemble technique packet is in the works and will be posted soon!


Pre-season Audition Requirements for Snare Drum, Quads, and Bass Drums:

  • Fundamental Exercises

    • Full Strokes (Legatos, 8-on-a-hand, etc.)

    • Double Strokes (Double Beat, Sanford Shuffle, etc)

    • Double-Stroke Open Rolls (triple or duple)

  • -An excerpt of your choosing that highlights your rudimental skills

Pre-season Audition Requirements for Cymbals:

  • Check Patterns - Duple #1-8 (can be found in the TUMB Battery Technique Packet)

  • Display the following techniques: Vertical Crash, Vertical Crash Choke, Slide Choke, Tap, Hinge Choke (Hi-Hat). Refer to the techniques in the TUMB Battery Technique Packet above.

Pre-season Audition Requirements for Front Ensemble:

  • Check Patterns - Duple - #1-8 (can be found in the percussion technique packet)

    • play on a drum pad or on a single note on a keyboard instrument 

  • Scales, two octaves in All Major Keys

  • A two-mallet warmup, etude, or show excerpt

  • (Optional) - A four-mallet warmup, etude, or show excerpt

  • (Optional) - A two- or four-mallet solo of your choosing

how to submit an auxiliary audition

Color Guard

Visit the Color Guard page for more information on auditions!

shockwave dance team

Shockwave auditions occur once per semester. For audition info, visit the Shockwave Auditions Page!